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Thinkin’ Too Much

If you’re the impatient sort, skip to BLOG PART. (Nooo! C’mon! Spoil me!)

I need to make something clear. I haven’t blogged regularly in a few years and even in the beginning, it wasn’t more than monthly. Most experts say that’s not enough. But I want you to know I think about it all the time. I tell you things in my head almost daily. (I don’t hear voices; I am the voice.) It’s just, I want perfection. I want quality content. I’m am a dinosaur. I mean to change. I want to eschew perfection. But it may take time and a concerted effort.

I also have my priorities and lately, it’s my book. I was already pitching agents – one even reviewed the full manuscript – when some sh*t went down that necessitated the revision of a couple chapters. Plus I skipped the country for three weeks. (It was amazing. I held a koala and it didn’t even claw my face off.) So now I really really need to focus on getting the book updated and pitched and published. But it’s the holiday season. You need entertainment. I’ve got your back.

And with a significant sports event like the World Series going down in October, I feel motivated to share the good stuff. For example, the Cubs beat Cleveland, ending a combined championship drought for the two teams of 176 years. That’s the longest in American sports – ever.

So there may be a typo. I may get a detail wrong. It’s gonna kill me and I’m scared the haters gonna hate and, well, f*ck ‘em because we’re all human and it’s so enriching to talk about that – about being human – instead.

Okay here’s the BLOG PART:

World Series commentator Joe Buck (seriously? That’s his real name or is he a retired porn star who kept the name?) said this during Game One of the World Series:

Sometimes a pitcher can be so NASTY, the hitter looks good taking it.

Does anyone else think that sounds sorta filthy? It sounds like a comment someone might say while watching porn (do people talk while they watch porn? Say, a bunch of drunk college boys watching? Surely they wouldn’t be that analytical.).

Obviously, the word NASTY is making a huge comeback. It’s so fun to say, isn’t it? I’m all for it.

Moving right along. How can I have watched [read: “talked my face off through so many baseball games”] baseball for over three decades and not have noticed until now that some catchers wear nail polish? I noticed Cubs catcher Willson Contreras was wearing Alien Green for Games Two and Six. They say it helps the pitcher see the catcher’s signals.

One of the umpires on the World Series staff, John Hirschbeck, has survived back surgery, cancer twice, and two of his sons dying. How does a person even get through all that? Here’s how.

On to football.

NOT. Football is bad for you. It’s really bad for your head. This is one of the more unlikely reactions to a concussion. Even if you know it as soccer. Those headers can do damage. On that note….

How jelly are you of this prickly pear tuna (“fruit” in Spanish, not fish) harvest? Who has two thumbs and a bottle of tequila to add to the syrup you make from these gems? (Me. Duh.) Tequila is bad for your head, too, but prickly pear is a super fruit, so you break even.

I know they’re long over, but I still have a few segments on the DVR and I gotta tell you, it’s SO worth your while (is that an old-timey phrase? Right, it’s “time.” I just looked it up.) to set some sort of reminder for the Summer 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo. The Paralympics are like the Olympics with a few extra dynamics to make it that much more complex and fascinating. The athletes are just as athletically talented but with that extra major challenge, like one leg or no sight or whatever, so the training and the striving and the journey are that much more complex. The commentators, many of them retired Paralympic athletes, explain all the stuff buzzing around in your head that you’re not sure is appropriate to ask. Truly wonderful.

The Paralympic Opening Ceremonies were way more interesting then the Olympic ones – no offense to the creative team. They challenged stereotypes and ideas of what beautiful, amazing, strong bodies are and believe me, there were plenty of all three. Like, check out this awesome photo of Viktoria Modesta in WIRED. See what I mean?

If you’re reading this and have ties to New Mexico, Tharon Drake from Hobbs (NM, population 36,000+) swam himself into a couple silver medals in his first Paralympics, in the 400m free and 100m breaststroke races.

I gotta get out before all this is even older news and I decide not to post, again. So In light of the election, I’ll leave you with this semi-relevant quote from Serena Williams:

I’m not asking you to like my body. I’m just asking you to let me be me.

Peace, y’all.

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