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It’s All Good (Happy 2015!)

If you’ve already had moments when you’re feeling low about blowing your resolution in the first month of the New Year, I have your back.

That’s not who you are. I know it’s not. It’s a temporary setback and as evidence, I recently took a survey and sure enough, your friends say, “Just call him [/her] butter ‘cause he’s on a roll!” And I believed them.

SEMI-SUPER: Let’s face it. The best thing about the lead up to the Super Bowl this year has been the number of times folks have referred to Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his balls.

ANYhoo, it’s the Patriots vs. Seattle. If Seattle wins, it’ll be two in a row. The last team to pull that off was… the Patriots! So it should be a pretty dang exciting game with two Super Hungry teams. The Patriots are apparently so hungry, they underinflated their footballs in their AFC Championship game against the Colts. Hence the “Deflategate” controversy and all the attention to Brady’s balls. But the final score in that game was 45-7, so does it matter?

Talk amongst yourselves.

I will say this: If Patriots coach Bill Belichick had anything to do with it, that man needs to be taught a lesson ‘cause it would be second time he’s been caught cheating. As for journalist Peter Alexander, who asked Brady straight up if he was a cheater, "He must be the bus driver cuz he was takin’ him to school."

TREAD LIGHTLY: One of the more curious highlights of my winter holiday was getting kicked off Larry Ellison’s private golf course (most of the palm trees in the banner photo are Ellison’s). Ellison is the founder of Oracle who resigned his post as CEO back in September. He’s one of the richest men in the world, personally valued at a cold $54 billion, according to Forbes. His Rancho Mirage (Palm Springs) 246-acre estate, Porcupine Creek, includes an 19-hole golf course. Obama has played the course.

Turns out the house we rented for the holidays is adjacent to Ellison’s estate, so when we took a little stroll out the back gate and checked out the golf course (someone ought to be appreciating the greenest grass ever, right?!)  we were trespassing. Guess the security cameras should have tipped us off.

FOR THE VIEW: Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson are the first people to free climb (gear stops a fall – ideally) Dawn Wall of El Capitan in Yosemite, summiting after 19 days and 3,000 feet. Since you’re curious and the recent shenanigans of the Patriots pretty much guaranteed this would be an adolescent-style post, during the climb, Caldwell and Jorgeson slept in a hanging tent pitched on the side of the rock and pooped in ziplock bags.

CLEAN ICE: (Nice segue, right?!) So proud of all the work former New York Rangers goaltender Mike Richter does to ensure all the beautiful children of my friends and family have quality air and water. Seriously, the man is "as cool as the other side of the pillow."

Here’s Richter’s latest effort and a fun little interview from the New York Times. If you’re really dedicated, scroll down to pages 32-36 and read how I snuck a bit of Richter into my latest article, about architectural salvage. BooYow!”

Speaking of ice, the National Hockey League experienced a rash of mumps. At least six teams (13 players?) and a couple on-ice officials suffered the virus. Even Sidney Crosby had ‘em.

BAD AND BADDER: Those of you with a hole in your soul since Breaking Bad ended, take heart. Better Call Saul premieres February 8 and 9.  (I suspect I’m in the first episode. I’ll be easy to spot.) Here’s a trailer. Looks like a hit!

Speaking of wacky entertainment, have you seen the movie Inherent Vice? Crazy stuff, but guess who’s in it? Keith Jardine! He plays a super scary dude with a swastika tattooed on his face (it’s not permanent). He was also in John Wick with Keanu Reeves in 2014.

Previously, Jardine made a quality run at being a top  MMA star (surprise!), so I interviewed him for Albuquerque The Magazine (May 2008  – sweet Jesus time flies by).  This time last year, Jardine was apprehending a thief outside his Albuquerque home. I dunno about you, but I’d have pooped my ziplock bag if Jardine had “confronted and subdued” me.

WHERE IS SHE NOW? Lindsey Vonn has become the winningest woman skier, currently at 64 World Cup wins. She’s the one who I blogged had blown her knee out in 2013, rehabbed, competed too soon and underwent another surgery on the same ACL. “Fearless” is not an exaggeration of the woman’s brand of fortitude. (She’s still dating Tiger Woods.)

WHERE IS HE NOW? Lance Easley was the NFL replacement ref who made a controversial call, blogged on this site as:

Replacement ref Lance Easley, a bank vice-president who made the infamous call between Seattle and Green Bay (touchdown Seattle), refs junior college games on weekends. On the Today Show he said he still stands by his call.

Since his appearance on the Today Show nearly three years ago, Easley received death threats, took medical leave from his job, and separated from his wife. He’s in treatment for depression and PTSD, growing out his hair, and trying to get his life back. He didn’t abuse a puppy, people. He made an unpopular call in NFL-land.

TIMBITS: I lied a little in my blog heading. It’s not all good. You suspiciously clever readers probably noticed several colorful “quotes” sprinkled in the blog. They come from Stuart Scott. The sports media world lost a talented, innovative and fun personality in Scott, who passed away January 4 at age 49, of cancer. If you’ve ever listened to ESPN, you’ve heard this term of Stuart’s: (No, I didn’t misspell) “Boo-Yow!”

That being said, may your New Year be off to a fantastic beginning. As the year progresses, do what it takes to have a good one ‘cause as the kids say, YOLO! (You Only Live Once!)

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