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A Time of Transition

The days are getting shorter (less light anyway) and the leaves are starting to turn red, orange or yellow. There’s a hint of cool in the breeze. Alas, summer is gone and winter is lurking around the corner.Autumn in the Sandia Mountains

Soon we’ll wrap up the cycling season and bring on training camp news for the hockey season. If you’re a fan of the New Mexico Scorpions, thank goodness head coach Randy Murphy says he’s excited about the team he’s put together. After Craig Macdonald, Andrew Smale is the latest returning player to sign, and the two ‘tenders are inked.

Scorpions Home opener (and first night the CHL is back in action): Friday, October 17 vs. Amarillo.

Wait wait – hold on a minute. What a silly oversight, not to have ended my notes on the Olympics with this piece about sex.

Oh yeah, and am i the only one who was wondering what happened to Cavendish in the Olympics? He was kicking the arse of everything in his path at the Tour de France, quit early to train for the Olympics track cycling event, but came away empty handed.

Apparently, Cavendish wasn’t quite up to his usual speed and teammate Bradley Wiggins was simply pooped.

That task fulfilled, it’s back to Current Events:

In cycling, holy crap – Lance is back.  Even for professional athletes, “old” is being redefined. And that’s cool. I’m thrilled to think i might be barely young enough to consider a career as a professional athlete (not in this lifetime, silly).

One of my cycling buddies says, “I hate to say it, but I kind of hope he loses.” I didn’t ask why but myself included, it seems like a lot of us lose respect for these guys when they come out of retirement. Maybe it seems too selfish, like they’ve had their time (seven times, in Lance’s case) and it just muddles things to throw them back into the mix with continuing and newer talent.

Maybe i’m somehow offended that they obviously didn’t really know what they wanted at the time – or changed their mind. Maybe i’m frustrated for the changes everyone has to make to adjust to their leaving, and that more changes will be kicked into motion by coming back.

Hmmm. I can’t seem to make up my mind….

So, Mr. Tom Boonen sorta made up for missing the Tour de France by winning stage three in the Vuelta a Espana. (I’m sure it’s real, but that hat looks like some crafty photoshopping to me.) Looks like Levi’s outta luck again, and one of two Spaniards will win overall. Either one could make history.Levi Leipheimer, Tour de Georgia

Man, you shoulda seen this wreck in the 2nd Annual Tour of Ireland:

The road was slick with rain and the rider hit a weird patch of pavement or something, went down hard and slid several feet while still attached to his bike. But he didn’t slide skin-to-pavement. No siree. He used his head – literally. He did this little move, popping up over the top of his helmet so that only it stayed in contact with the road and lost some paint, rather than the rider losing layers of skin.

In other hockey news, Tim Robbins, you da man! I know that’s not what i said the time i approached you in line at the In-N-Out in Vegas, but it’s true! (If i remember correctly, back then my exact words as i touched his arm while he towered over my sub-5′ frame with his 6’5″ frame were, “You’re the best!”)

Congrats to Cammi Granato for leaping the gender barrier as the first woman inducted into the US Hockey Hall of Fame.

Parting (Two) Words

Chess Boxing. For reals! Check it out!

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  1. Wrap up cycling season?!? Never! What did I buy those shoe covers for? As for Lance, my personal deal is that he really comes off as a prima donna more and more over time. I don’t think his speech at the TDF after his 7th win helped things… rather than just be humble and gracious, he went on the attack against people badmouthing cycling. Oh yeah, except that the badmouthing was totally deserved as evidenced by the continuing doping issues.

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