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First, I’d like to thank everyone who sent SportsSlant 5th Anniversary gifts. The Ellen underwear are a hit. They go great with Hendricks and macaroons.

Oscar Pistorius, who apparently got a little cocky after making the Top 10 SportsSlant Stories of 2012 over perhaps the fastest man ever, Usain Bolt, was fatally reckless with a gun and now awaits trial for the murder of his girlfriend of several months. Pistorius claims he believed she was an intruder.

This gives new meaning to post-Olympic depression. Pistorius was quoted as saying his success in London was beyond his wildest expectations and that following the Games, he was having the time of his life. Times have changed.

How curious that some of the very best days of people’s lives can be so immediately followed by some of the very worst. Another example that comes to mind is lottery winners.

SOCHI NEWS: Skier Lindsey Vonn crashed in the super-G event February 5 in Austria, worth an ACL and MCL tear plus a tibial fracture. Vonn is the most decorated American skier of all. She says she plans to compete in the 2014 Olympics, just a year away (perhaps even the World Cup in November).

Vonn, in fact, has yet to compete in a Winter Games without some sort of injury, including a badly cut thumb. Wait – she hasn’t competed healthy in any championship event since 2007. It’s her M.O.

I ask this: Is Vonn the most successful because she puts more on the line than anyone else, or could she be that much better (most decorated skier in the world) if she could reign it in just enough to be healthy for championship competitions?

“I’m not afraid of crashing. It’s just part of the sport,” says Vonn in the New York Times from the link above. “You don’t have success without sacrifice. You have to give something in order to receive something.” In Vonn’s case, that means body parts.

Fried chicken-n-waffles, yo!LOLO’S CHICKEN-N-WAFFLES: Lolo Jones, the sensitive, virginal hurdler who competed in the 2012 Summer Games, has joined the US bobsled team to compete in Sochi. So far, so good.

ARMSTRONG WRAP-UP: This quote might answer any questions you still have about Lance Armstrong’s predicament:

An athlete has such a narrow view of life he does not know reality – Bruce Jenner

In Armstrong’s confession interview with Oprah, he mentioned the day or two he lost all his sponsors as they phoned, one by one, to break ties. Said Armstrong, “That was a $75,000,000 day. Gone – and probably never coming back.”

That’s a hot $75 million, folks. But do we give a number two? Lucky for Lance, he still gets book royalties. (Bwahahahaha. LMAO! Anyone who’s published a book knows you don’t get anything remotely close to that, unless you wrote the Harry Potter series.)

By the way, Michael Jordan made $60 million from shoe sales in 2012.

OUCH: Remember that sort of geeky guy, Chris Carmichael, who sold books about cycling nutrition and was used as a nutrition commentator during Tour de France broadcasts, because he coached Armstrong?

What an ego/career boost to be Lance’s go-to nutritionist, explaining to fans that an important piece in Lance’s puzzle of success was genius nutritional practices. I’d like to know Carmichael’s comments on all that now. It’s not about the food, and those who know me know how that breaks my heart.

SCANDELOUS: Cycling isn’t the only sport suffering crippling blows. Soccer is having its own epic scandal in match-fixing. The New York Times article states:

The extent was staggering: some 150 international matches, mostly in Africa, Asia and Latin America; roughly 380 games in Europe, covering World Cup and European championship qualifiers as well as two Champions League games; and games that run the gamut from lower-division semiprofessional matches to contests in top domestic leagues.

WHERE’S MIKE NOW? You guys saw the movie, The Blind Side, right? It’s based on the true story of a football player named Michael Oher, who was a kid without a home until he was adopted into the Tuohy family. He also happens to play in the NFL for the Ravens, which means holy crap! He won the Super Bowl! Congratulations, Michael.

Michael Vick bought a dog (terrier) for his kids. Vick is the NFL player who did time for running a dog fighting ring. Luckily for Vick, the dog seems unaware of its owner’s past. Animal rights activists, on the other hand, never forget. Death threats were made to Vick and his family, forcing the cancellation of his autobiography book tour.

VONN & ME: Here’s more on Lindsey Vonn and how her experience differs from mine and yours.

The Today Show mentioned Vonn also suffers from depression (since 2002 – treatment in 2008 precluded great success). Freshly emerged from the pond that is post-surgery depression myself, I’m wondering if Vonn’s is exacerbated by always being injured. As my physical therapist put it, “Those two things don’t mix.”

bath timeElite athlete that she is, Vonn is already recovering from surgery performed February 10.

I had to wait three weeks minimum to see a surgeon and “pre-hab” an additional five weeks or so to get enough strength and flexibility for the surgeon to agree on a date. Of course, I can barely ski down a blue trail in good form.

My physical therapist tells me:

a) Elite athletes use orthopedic trauma surgeons who specialize in performing surgery while the knee (in this case) is still in a state of trauma, meaning there’s still a lot of swelling.

b) Athletes tend to use their own tendons for ligament grafts, rather than cadaver grafts. While using a cadaver would mean a less invasive procedure, it can also result in a slower, sometimes less-effective recovery. (I used my own patellar tendon, as did Vonn.)

c) The healing process immediately following surgery isn’t significantly accelerated for athletes compared to a healthy person. The difference lies in the rehab. Of course, the fitter you are going in, the better off you are coming out.

d) Elite athletes have access to all the latest, greatest, expensive rehab treatment methods including a personal P.T. for several hours a day, daily massage, acupuncture, E-stim, etc. Those things do help strengthen the body significantly faster, complimenting a huge dose of athlete motivation.

e) While Vonn tore both her ACL and MCL, it’s likely only her ACL was reconstructed.

As for me, I’m thrilled that at 17 weeks post-op, I could walk down stairs in good form and use the elliptical trainer for 10-minute bursts. I look great on a stationary bike. I can even do little hops on the balls of my feet. Talk about a mood booster.

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