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Happy New Year! (JK)


This time of year flies by, doesn’t it? Better hold on to your hat and take a moment to admire the sunset, each and every single day. Easier to do – I know – when you’re on vacation somewhere like, oh, say Italy!

SO MUCH TO EAT, SO LITTLE TIME: Now you know where I’ve been, but that I simply couldn’t bring myself to abandon you forever and live among the impossibly intricate and glorious architecture, hVino rosso e paneeavenly delicious wines, amazing shopping and soul-nurturing food…. Check this out:

You know me though – I gave it an honest try to find sports and related adventures to tell you all about. For that reason alone, I chose to stay in a junior suite at the Hotel Chiusarelli in Siena, which happened to include a balcony overlooking A.C. Siena’s premier league team soccer field. Check this out: A.C. Siena inside the wall

Didn’t get a chance to see the team play. My agenda near-missed the games there and in Milan. Visited the team stores, at least.

THE FRINGE: Does chess count as a sport if the pieces are nearly life-sized? It’s certainly a workout. Outdoor chess, using those giant pieces, is pretty popular in Switzerland. Check this out: Make the final move count...

Also rented a scooter in Siena and found this nice park with a little section of, we’ll call them fascinating, exercise machines. The labels on many of them say they encourage range-of-motion for the elderly, but that didn’t stop me from getting my pump on and I wasn’t the only one. The exercises were also perfect for people who’ve been sitting for periods of, say, 14 hours as they fly over the ocean, followed by walking, oh, about 6 miles-a-day several consecutive days….Frontal plane flexibility

This means you, ya tourist. Check this out:

Competitive cheerleading has a lot of supporters clambering for it to be considered a sport. If you can pull it off in the Piazza del Duomo in Milan, you have my vote. Check this out:

Ready! Oh-kay!When all else fails in a person’s hunt for live sports or a little resistance training on the road, there’s always the ol’ standby of bicep curls. (Request the larger wine glass.) 

TIMBITS: Congrats to Sue Falsone, just announced as the first female head athletic trainer and physical therapist for Major League Baseball, with the Dodgers. Here’s what she has to say about it.

Mz. Leslie Jackson of the NM Mustangs, you’re next!

SportSlant Athlete of the Month: Jimmy Graham of the NFL’s New Orleans Saints. Take the time to watch the video of his story on his ESPN NFL page. Talk about defying odds….

AND: Fauja Singh, the 100-year-old man who recently completed the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in 8 hours, 25 minutes. That’s 26.2 miles, people. He typically walks/runs 10 miles a day. Started running marathons when he was 89. Most people are dead by then.

SportSlant Team of the Month: Fugees soccer team of Clarkston, Georgia. Read their inspiring story in the New York Times. If we each had an ounce of the vision and initiative of founder Luma Mufleh, this country would have no conundrums.

Pace (Peace) Out.

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