Final Countdown

Phew! That was a close one. Thank goodness i switched to “pres”uming, regarding the Arizona vs. Laredo series. (See previous post) Guess that makes a “pres” outta “u” and “me.” Wha?

Though i was wrong, i can’t say i’m surprised. A sizable bird once told me that Arizona would be the new Colaredo (get it?).

I swear last night I had a dream that i passed Albuquerque Journal writer James Yodice as i was rushing to leave the building, and threw out to him, “You said Colorado in 6, right? Sounds good to me.” Checking back to Rajan’s blog, sure as shootin’ i’d read (but not consciously remembered) that Yodice predicted Colorado in 6.

But it still wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Arizona took it all. Sooner or later, someone different has to. I still wish it was someone really different. More dreaming….

I’m gonna say it and you can’t stop me: a big congrats to CHL referees Croft, Floru and Lemelin, not to mention the four linesmen, for being chosen to work the final games. May their playoff experiences be career-enhancing.

Switching Gears

I’ve mentioned i’ll be covering a little bit of cycling once the hockey season is over. In preparation for the transition, all you folks who just dropped your bite of hoagie in your lap – “Cycling?!” – need to check out this whopper of a Spring Classic: during the Paris-Roubaix race, pro cyclists ride (somewhat modified) road bikes over sections of cobblestones that can only be described as brutal, the vibrations of which make your eye balls spin like the 1960s and your bum feel like a mixed drink – shaken, not stirred. If it rains, odds are you’ll be ass over elbows at least once before you hit the finish which, by the way, is in a velodrome. Either way, it’s crashes, flat tires, broken wheels, head winds….

Give Blood. Ride Roubaix. Forget the glowing glory of the Stanley Cup, the winner of this race gets, that’s right, a huge freaking rock as a trophy (you can tell by the way they handle it, it’s real). Yeah! That’s what i’m talkin’ ’bout!

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