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Phat Tuesday

Cactus League - Boyz of SpringWow. That’s the last time I crawl down that cave without a GPS. What is this – March? We’re living at lightning speed. Surely there are consequences.

But check out all this great stuff I found:

KOREA’S GOT TALENT: This even tops Ninja Warrior (narrated in German?) – a wacky, Japanese obstacle course show. The latest greatest extreme sport is apparently Spinning Gymnastics. It’s a combination of cheer, gymnastic, spinning, and stripper moves executed on a stationary bike, in this case to the techno version of “Knock on Wood.”

Wilson? Nooo. Romo!WILSON’S CRAZY: For those who couldn’t score tix to the 2010 World Series, the Giants and Rangers re-enacted the championship match-up at a Spring Training baseball game in Phoenix on Sunday, March 13. Giants won 11-8. Unfortunately, I spent the most exciting innings in line for American Cheese on Texas Toast – a personal, ballpark invention. Got an up-close look at the Giants’ attempt to tease the crowd by warming up this separated-at-birth pitcher in the bull pen. Look closely. He’s no “oddball” Brian Wilson.

Giants Tim “The Freak” Lincecum did make an appearance earlier in the weekend, showing off his unusual style against the Padres Friday night. No Posey to be seen.

WHATCHA GONNA DO? The Central Hockey League’s Colorado Pankewicz WITH a fight strapEagles assistant coach and former player (including a couple stints in the NHL in the 1990s), Greg Pankewicz headlined the list of major minor league meltdowns on Sports Center for stripping down to his chest hair after a game. Paid a high price for it, too (fined and suspended the remainder of the season). The League is considering sewing fight straps into the sport coats of players-turned-coaches in the future.

FLIP-FLOP: If the last time you tuned in to cycling news was at the end of the Tour de France in July, you might remember Spaniard Alberto Contador winning overall. If it was January, 2011, you’re likely believing Contador has been busted for being naughty, testing positive for clenbuterol, punished with a 1-year ban from racing and stripped of his 2010 Tour de France title. If you’ve read anything about the drama since February, you already know Contador has been cleared of the allegations and will race this season.

Unless the World Anti-Doping Agency appeals.

Peoria at sunsetTIMBITS: Big news for big baseball fans in Albuquerque. The 2011 Triple-A Baseball National Championship game will take place at Isotopes Park September 20 in the Duke City. The game will be nationally televised on Versus.

Saw an interesting drink recently: a Bloody Mary with a spear of asparagus and a sizzling strip of bacon. Gotta call that one a meal. Sounds about right for a post-party woozies cure. Got your hair of the dog, sodium-infused protein and a complex carb or two. Let me know how it works.