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Back 2 Schoolin’

Mooo! ("Airabelle" at Balloon Fiesta 2010) What is up?! A very good October to you!

I’ve brought my Friday attitude with me today. This gnarly Red Bull Rampage video did the trick. This is totally the kind of stuff i do when i mountain bike, Mom.

Football football football!

The final Grand Tour of the year, the Vuelta a Espana, is a wrap. Second place winner of the Tour de France, Andy Schleck, gave us a little gossip after being ejected from the Vuelta for having a night cap.

Guess that pales in comparison to the news that overall winner of the Tour de France, Alberto Contador, recently tested positive for a banned substance. Could he be one of the very few – the only? – cyclist to test positive for something he didn’t willingly ingest? His team hopes so. If suspended, Contador says he might just quit for good.South Boundary trail, NM

Only because this is primarily a sports blog, i’m commenting on a few products athletes might be tempted to use:

1 – Women have been shaving and plucking for decades. Apparently, it’s time for dudes to feel that pain with a little manscaping. Get that chest (etc.) nice and smooth with Nivea for Men Active 3. It’s easy! After shaving your chin, move on down to the chest (etc.), just like the guy in the commercial shows you.

2 – Nothing screams, "We don’t give a flip about the environment or the masses of garbage being dumped into the oceans" like using a new Kleenex brand towel each and every time you wash your hands. "Your hands are only as clean as the towel you dry them on," the ad cautions.

Mix in a little soap, people. Do some laundry from time to time, chrissakes. We aren’t talking underwear, here (even those can be turned inside out).

3 – You’d have to be a loser not to buy a product that boasts (caps theirs), "INSTANTLY the ultra-fresh gel visibly revives and firms skin for an anti-fatigue BURST OF ENERGY effect on your look. EACH DAY facial features appear visibly rested….” You get the point. Sounds like 5-hour ENERGY for the face.

BACK TO SPORTS: Football football football!

So this guy walks up to a garage sale… and buys a bike for $5. Turns out it was custom-built for Tour de France winner/doper Floyd Landis a few years ago and is still worth upwards of $5K. Sweet deal! Makes me wanna take up garaging. (Is that what it’s called?)

TIMBITS: For those of you near and/or dear to Albuquerque, the city shares the honor of a Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community again with 18 other US communities, designated as such by the League of American Bicyclists.

Here’s the way i plan to get around in the coming decade.

Football football football!

And how can you not open an account with these folks? (Be sure to mouseover the horse’s face.)

I’m Looking forward to hockey season. You?