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2000 and LATE

Despite next-to-no accessible, live winter sports action in my world this season, Friday, December 19 was one of the very best sports nights of my life.

THAT’S WHAT I’M TALIN’ ‘BOUT: In a single evening of channel surfing with more appreciation for the spirit of competition than specific teams, i witnessed Wyoming overcome Fresno State 35-28 in double overtime at the New Mexico Bowl, the undefeated Lobos Men’s Basketball team rally in the second half to stay perfect over Creighton 66-61, the Toronto Sybils earn a 2-0 shutout against Boston, winning for the first time in eight match-ups against the Bruins (props to goalie Gustavsson), and the Cowboys hand the unbeaten Saints their first loss of the season, 24-17.

No one in his right mind wants to risk going to the Super Bowl unbeaten.

It was almost as awesome as seeing two Cactus League Spring Training baseball games and a hockey game all in one day. But nothing beats the in-person experience.

UPDATES: Speaking of the Coyotes, given their absence in the playoffs since 2002, it’s safe to assume they don’t generally win those March games i attend during Spring Training. Kevin Allen says that’s about to change. Indeed, they’re aiming for a franchise record-setting, 11th straight home-ice win this New Year’s Eve.

The Lobo Men suffered their first loss of the season against Oral Roberts, 75-66, on December 23.

The Bruins will play in the NHL’s 2010 Winter Classic outdoor game New Year’s Day at Fenway Park against the Flyers. Catch the nostalgia on NBC. That’d be a good one to see live, where you could tend that holiday hangover by gently rocking your pounding forehead on cold, cold ice.

CYCLING QWACK: I’d encourage anyone hankering to know what pro cyclists are up to this pre-season to sign on with Twitter if you have the time. Makes good bedtime reading.

While i’m guessing select athletes in more lucrative sports have a supporting cast to post to their “personal” web sites, Facebook accounts and Twitter, the vast majority of pro cyclist tweets seem authentic. They reflect all sorts of entertaining bits about what the guys encounter in the off season, what a pre-season training ride entails (many miles in far-away lands and less-than-optimal weather), and a glimpse into the world of prolific international travel.

How those guys don’t lose their minds…. I take it back. They do lose their minds. And their luggage. And bikes.

Recent tweets reveal Lance Armstrong is taking yoga (he is, after all, 38 years old now). Ted King bought his mom a Snuggie for her birthday. Dave Zabriskie had a “day of good deeds” finding someone’s wallet, giving a Clif Bar to someone with an empty tank, and teaching “a girl how to shift the bike.” Still, his lovely wife has nixed him growing back the ‘stache.

TIMBITS: Ever heard of the Pajama Men? If not, i’m betting you will. The two Crazies put on a wacky-n-wonderful show in November at a small venue in Albuquerque. I’m still walking around imitating them a month later and that, my friends, makes me seem odd.

Wishing an amazing 2010 to you all. I’ll be spending New Year’s Eve on snowshoes under a blue moon in the Valles Caldera. Hope to see you there.