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Vernal Fever

After much back-n-forth rumoring, Lance is racing the Tour of the Gila. This news after a sort of close call for his participation in the Tour de France. The man is certainly living up to predictions he’d occupy a sizeable portion of the cycling spotlight and drama with his return.

Kristin Armstrong (no relation) won Stage 1 in the Gila. I’m thinking of changing my own middle name to Armstrong. It could make a difference. You never know.

Frickin’ Tyler Hamilton, I swear. Many, many issues on that man’s plate. Get well soon, dude.

Interesting theory about Contador’s experience on Team Astana with Lance. Say – check out that column photo. Really captures the tone of the post. Wonder where they got it. Oh look! That very image appears on this site’s photogallery! What would have been supercool is if Mr. Publisher had asked permission before he posted it. And if it linked back to the original site when you click on the photo.

Someone’s mama didn’t raise him right.

CHL PLAYOFF PREDICTIONS HERE: Adam Minnick, voice of the Scorpions sayz:

I will say TEX over COL in 5 for CHL finals.

From my previous post:

I say Bossier and Rio Grande first advance, Mississippi and Odessa next, and Texas takes it all.

Yeah baby! Bossier indeed advanced, and were put down by Colorado. Mississippi advanced before they, too, were snuffed by the Eagles.

It breaks my heart that Odessa is out. Personal apologies to Adams and Schneekloth but really – how cool would it have been to see  Odessa and Texas in the final round? In contrast to the Eagles and their fans, it’s been what feels like forever since fans of the other two have experienced the thrill. Seriously, a decade?

Let’s have a look-see:

Odessa was the Southwest Division Regular Season Champs in 2005-06, 2002-03 and 2001-02 and the Regular Season Champs (Governor’s Cup) in 2001-02.

Bill McDonald and Aaron Schneekloth - when we were one As far as i can tell, the Brahmas haven’t been a contender (not to mention the flux of the Club, name changes and a season hiatus) since 1997-98 when they won the Governor’s Cup. As the Fort Worth Fire, they earned the Ray Miron Cup (Playoff Champions – WPHL) in 1996-97 under the coaching of a certain Mr. Bill McDonald, former Scorpions coach.

So, in Texas, the NYTEX Sports Centre seating capacity is 2,300 including metal, backless benches. Will it be enough to accommodate its fans and the Eagles Fan Charter Plane Colorado players donated their spare change for, as a token of appreciation? You haven’t heard about that?!

I’m saying TEX over COL in 6.

I guess a lot of it depends on how Colorado handles playing in the Sports Centre….

HOME ADVANTAGE: This past Saturday (April 25), if you were watching the Brahmas vs. Jacks game on the CHL Network, you may have overheard this about NYTEX, presumably when the commentator believed he was off the air (or maybe not): “This building is so disgusting. No one can play in it. The score was 5-0 in the 2nd period because the Brahmas know how to play in it….” He wasn’t referring to cooties, of course. If it’s true, it doesn’t seem like a fair location for a Game 7.


A quick scan of the regular season shows Texas winning about 83-percent of its home games. Only four teams won once in Texas, three by a score of 2-1, and only Laredo won twice. Colorado lost 4-1.

Of course, Colorado has similar home-game success and four of the seven possible final-round games are in Colorado.

But they just lost Game 1 at home.

FAT PROPS: to Albuquerque local/Canadian native – there are more of them than you might think – mountain biker Geoff Kabush, who i interviewed last November about his Beijing Olympic experience (look for the article in the June or July issue of Albuquerque The Magazine). For the fourth straight year, Kabush cracked his racing season wide, winning the opening round of USA Cycling’s Pro Cross-country tour in Fontana, CA in March.

And to 12-year-old Mackenzie Brown, the first female in Bayonne Little League history to throw a perfect game, striking out twelve of the 18 total boys she retired. (Get used to it.) Brown is also the only girl on her team. For her accomplishment, she was awarded the ceremonial first pitch at a Mets game.

TIMBITS: Scorpions coach Randy Murphy was carving ice in hot hot hot Dubai UAE with his brother Ronnie (a skilled hockey player himself, and even better golfer) mid-April. Back in ’02, Ron Murphy showed up in a cool documentary, Hockey Nomad, about hockey in the corners of the world and based on the book Tropic of Hockey by Dave Bidini.

Equipment managing... Former New Mexico Scorpion (and Buffalo Sabre, 1994-95) Pete Ambroziak and his lovely wife Maryanne are co-partner/owners of a New Mexico Junior A hockey team. Looks like they’re putting the kids to work, too.

Finally, for players and fans whose teams have been knocked out of the playoffs: if you’re jonesing to hit the greens, or at least watch a little golf while you recupe in the la-z-boy, the 2009 US PGA National Championship will be held June 28 – July 1 at Twin Warriors Golf Club and Santa Ana Golf Club in New Mexico. The competition will be covered by the Golf Channel for a whopping ten live hours and the low 20 scorers of the tourney advance to the PGA Championship in August.