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Get Your Ice Cold Hockey… Here?

Chillin' on Lake Pontchartrain Whoa, hey! How long have you been here? Sorry i’m late.

Spent the holidays out of town and now that i’m back, i’m busy purging clutter… as opposed to the break, when i was purging the contents of my stomach with a nasty little stomach virus that reigned over 8 of 19 family members. (I’ll spare you further details except to say that the ladies’ washroom at the House of Blues in New Orleans may never be the same.)

House of Blues, New Orleans Speaking of the HOB, i went to high school with a guy who will be playing there with his band, Sister Hazel, on Jan. 10. Check it out if you’re in the neighborhood. Let me know if they’re any good.

Drove home to ABQ from Florida by way of Bossier on Jan. 2. Caught the radio broadcast of the Mudbugs somewhat surprising 4-0 whupping of Odessa in the second period alone. Passed out of range before the final score, but a birdie told me it ended 5-2 Mudbugs. CHL Best Defensive Defenseman 2007-08, Mudbug Quade Lightbody (not so much – try 215 lbs), joined the broadcast with a little insight, otherwise sitting out a six-game suspension for leaving the bench to punish some IceRays.

Props to these ‘Querques (Rio Ranchoans?)

Albuquerque native (!) Mark Lemelin, selected to ref this season’s All-Star game.

Chris RobertsonChris Robertson for earning Oakley Player of the Week ending Dec. 28. The man does hustle. Got a hat trick against Colorado Dec. 27, boosting his team to win in Loveland for the first time ever in regulation-time, if i heard right. As if that wasn’t enough, he earned another hat trick against the Rage Jan. 7. ‘Nuff said.

Top Ten Notable Sightings you won’t always catch at a game (other than Panky in a tizzy), as seen at the NM vs. CO duo of games Dec. 19/20:

10 – Pankewicz pitching a hissy and kicking snow on his assistant coach before realizing it’s his assistant coach (he was nice enough to brush the snow off).

9 – Billy C. on the catwalk. Shake it, Billy!

8 – Colorado held scoreless in the first period.

7 – Three former Scorpions playing for the opposition (Schneekloth, Adams, and yeah, Reeder).

6 – An Eagle skating in to check a Scorpion, realizing the linesman is there and awkwardly pulling up – but hooking the linesman to the ice.

5 – Stanley the Mascot whooping and hollering at players. (Not really. Mascots don’t talk, silly.)

4 – Eagles playing to the Kiss-Cam. (You know i give big props to teams that do it. Makes people laugh and endears players to the fans.)

3 – A man named Hogg.

2 – Santa

Hmmm – i guess there were only nine things (and that Turtle Mountain Steam Ale is damn good stuff).


You don’t need me to tell you this, but as of Jan. 8, the Eagles lead the League in goals-for with 138 (Odessa has 137. Man, i’m really getting excited about the playoffs). New Mexico leads in goals-against, with 139. Corpus leads in PIMS, with 1,105 followed by Arizona with 1,002. The Lady Byng goes to Texas, with 624. They’re also tied for 2nd in the league in points – evidence teams that play nice can be successful.

Speaking of the Eagles, don’t you wonder which cities have AHL teams? They include:

Albany NY; Binghamton NY; Bridgeport CT; Glenview IL; Grand Rapids MI; Hamilton ON; Hartford CT; Hershey PA; Houston TX; Des Moines IA; Cleveland OH; Lowell MA; Manchester NH; Winnipeg MB; Milwaukee WI; Norfolk VA; Peoria IL; Philadelphia PA; Portland ME; Providence RI; Moline IL; Rochester NY; Rockford IL; San Antonio TX; Springfield MA; Syracuse NY; Toronto ON; Wilkes-Barre PA; and Worcester MA.

Bit O’ Cycling

Warms my heart to see this kind of news – pro sports folks recognizing the significant, environmentally taxing impact they have, and doing something about it.

Q: Where’s Lance?

A: Hawaii, resting up for the Tour de Lance – er, Tour Down Under.