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A role model for sharing my bean-to-bar dark chocolate or Persian cucumber slices, I am not. What I do love sharing are intriguing sports stories and trivia, especially if they're related to pro cycling (though anything is fair game), as well as information deemed relevant to the pursuit of slow food, quality wine and spirits, and a thriving state of mind:

I looked into how #SkipTheStraw has become the latest eco movement and here’s what’s up: NFL Patriots quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t use them.

I sense that this experiment of humans on Earth in a Galaxy is coming to the cosmic equivalent of an end.

Viewers get to know cycling commentators especially well, and Paul Sherwen was exceptional.

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Fitness Q&A

Q: Is foam rolling really all that?

A: It promotes blood flow (circulation), which aids in recovery and reduces soreness.

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I'm Sonya Ewan, an Albuquerque-based freelance writer and interviewer, and sportsSlant is my website highlighting professional and amateur athletes in their challenges, accomplishments, and oddities. I'm always on the prowl for unique sports news and information to share, mainly in my blog (it's more of a biannual column): CHbLog. There's also a reader Q&A for amateur athletes and dabblers who've asked me to delve into my knowledge as an athlete and former fitness instructor to answer training-related questions. And if you find yourself wondering, "When is the [insert major sports event]?" simply click on the Events calendar link. Scroll down the same page to find sportSlant Book Club recommendations and must-see movies. I've also included an abridged portfolio of my published works.

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