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Looking for the Phat 411 on happenings in professional cycling? Maybe the inside edge on hockey? How 'bout a dose of intriguing sports stories and trivia bits? You're in the right place.

A new year, a new opportunity to pack as much hygge into your life as possible.

The military invaded sports, and politics invaded my blog (I resisted as long as I could).

Wait - who's accused of riding a bike "in your underwear with a styrofoam cup on your head...."?

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Q: How important is massage for recovery?

A: In an interview with NBC analyst Steve Porino, professional cyclist Michael Valgren said the top three priorities are food, sleep, and massage.

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Welcome To SportsSlant (sSl)

A big shout-out to everybody! I'm Sonya Ewan, a freelance sports and fitness writer and interviewer, though my current major project is a completed collection of autobiographical essays I'm pitching to agents.

This site is primarily about highlighting both professional and amateur athletes in their challenges, accomplishments, victories, and oddities. I strive to explore the human experience through writing that aims to be humorous and intriguing with some wicked sensibility, speaking my mind at times with tongue firmly planted in cheek (lofty goals, i know). I hope to indulge or tease out enthusiasm for the discovery of a range of sports dynamics in full-fledged and dabbling fanatics alike. Along those lines, i'm always on the prowl for unique sports news and information to share.

On this site you'll find a blog, CHbLog, (it's more of a column) for fans of outdoor sports - primarily cycling - with a tasty blend of other sports news mixed in. There's also an abridged portfolio of my published works. And i've included a reader Q&A for amateur athletes and wannabes (go for it!) who've asked me to delve into my knowledge as an athlete and former fitness instructor to answer training-related questions. If you ever find yourself wondering, "When is the [instert major sports event]?" simply click on the handy Events calendar and results to the left. If you scroll down far enough, you'll find SportSlant Book Club recommendations and must-see movies.

Otherwise roll on, stay solid, go play, have fun, and thrive!